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Arctic Antics Guide

Here is A complete guide Of Arctic Antics:




Crack the Codes Page #1

Code 15 :
Code 16 :
Code 17 :
Code 24 :

Crack the Codes Page #2

Code 18 :
Code 19 :
Code 20 :

Crack the Codes Treasure Version

Code 21 :
Code 22 :
Code 23 : 

Secret Codes

Code 11: 



Wide-Green-Leaf ( Hamster Points )

Old-Orange-Octopus ( Little Duck Points )

Short-Yellow-Camel ( Camel Points )

Tricks and Little Secrets

Play Higher-or-lower game once a day. There are three rows and you win 30 Arctic Points for each row that you finish correctly.

Take the Quiz weekly to earn 20 Arctic Points if you answer all of the ten questions correct.

Do the Daily Question everyday to earn 15 Arctic Points.

Play Open The Box everyday. Four out of eight boxes contain the following prizes( 30, 50, 70, 90 Arctic Points ). The rest are empty.

Play Buy A Square whenever you can. Wait till only a few boxes are left unopened so as to have a higher chance of winning 150 Arctic Points.

rite a Sentence game whenever you can. You earn 20 Arctic Points from the 2nd sentence, 30 from the 3rd, 40 from the 4th, etc…

 rite Game reviews whenever you can. You can only write 2 reviews per day. The very good review gets 30 Arctic Points, the good review gets 10 Arctic Points and the poor one gets nothing.

Go to Cursor Try Out and click the Second and the Fifth cursor to earn 25 Arctic Points.

Go to Games Cheat Toolbar, type “arctic antics” and press SEARCH to earn 30 Arctic Points.

Click the Cool Comp Cat to earn 20 Arctic Points.

Write something on your profile,save changes and then press the duck on Games Area page to earn 20 Arctic Points.

Find the amazing toothbrush of mystery which is hidden in a different place on Arctic Antics everyday to earn 20 Points. Look for the Toothbrush at  “Take the Quiz”, “Screensavers”, “Crack the Codes” and  “Cool Comp’s Cool Crew” page!


My Guide For Quest The First

1.Start the Quest
2.Walk over to the house
3.Look around the building
4.Walk to the edge of the field
5.Walk Left
7.Head towards the building
8.Walk around the building
9.Go back towards the river
10.Go down to the river
11.Follow river to the Right
12.Look under the platform
13.Investigate the entrance
15.Crawl back out
16.Go back up the bank
17.Go Left-Left-Left
18.Go towards the woods
19.Go under the bridge
21.Cross the bridge
22.Go Uphill-Uphill-Uphill-Left
24.Go towards the trees
25.Go Downhill-Downhill-Downhill-River-River
27.Climb the tree
28.Crawl along the branch
29.Jump to the far bank
30.Go deeper into the grass
31.Go Right-Right
33.Go Left
34.Go towards the object
35.Climb the stone
36.Open the hatch(automatically you collect some rusty nails)
37.Climb off the stone
38.Go back away from the stone
39.Go along the bank away from the object
40.Go deeper into the grass
41.Go Left-Forwards-Left
43.Go back-back a bit-Away from the river-Away from the river-Away from the river-backwards                 44.Go along the river bank
45.There when it says “jump for the branch” just BLOW THE SILVER WHISTLE
46.Move towards the trunk
45.Climb back down
47.Go Right-Right
48.Go to the field
49.Walk over to the house
50.Look around the building
52.Climb on the crate
53.Climb through the window
54.Search around with the torch
56.Climb back out of the window
57.Climb down to the ground
59.Walk around the building
60.Go back towards the river-river
61.Go Left-Left
62.Go towards the woods
63.Cross the bridge
64.Go Uphill-Uphill-Uphill
65.Go towards the wall
66.Go into the woods
67.Walk down towards the river in distance
68.Go further from the path
69.Climb up the ladder
70.Fix the ladder
71.Climb down
72.Go towards the interesting tree
73.Go Uphill-Uphill-Left
74.Go towards the rocks
75.Go up the rocky hill
76.Go Uphill-Right
78.Go towards the path
79.Go Downhill-Downhill-Towards the trees
80.Go towards the wall
81.Go into the woods
82.Walk down towards the river in distance
83.Go further from the path
84.Climb up the ladder
85.Climb further
87.Climb down to the ground
88.Go towards the interesting tree
89.Go to the pathway
90.Go to the river
91. Follow the path downhill
92.Go towards the river
93.Go Right-Right-field
94.Go towards the trees
96.Go towards the building
97.Look around the building
98.Walk to the edge of the field
99.Walk right, following fence
100.Unlock the gate and go through

Now you can leave the Quest the First!

My Guide For Treasure Hunt:

1. Click on sb’s profile that has completed the Quest the First. Click on the house. Play the “ Spin the Heads” game.
2. Log in to arctic antics. Then go to http://tigirl.wordpress.com/pup-star-profile.( Dont log out )
3. Type the address http://arcticantics.com/profile.php?person=FOR+THE+DUCK.
4. Combinations page. “New White House” is the combination.
5. Daily question page. Answer the question. You should answer it WRONG.
6. Video interviews page. Second video. Next to the volume switch.
7. Lottery ticket page. Click the penguin. Play “The Millisecond” game.
8. Cursor tryouts page. Click the 4th and then the 2nd penguin.
9. http://www.arcticantics.com/treasure-from-the-blog.php
10. http://www.arcticantics.com/treasure-gold-bar.php
11. Log in to the secret arctic antics page ( click where two penguins are before you log in ) and then click on the monitor pets “BUT IT WAS WORTH COMING HERE” sign.
12. Log in to the secret arctic antics page(click where two penguins are before you log in) and then click where is says ” don’t bother clicking here”. Click on the bottom ad: “pc systems case”.(NOTE : (this only works if you have completed the Quest the First)

My Guide For Bananna:

1. Go To Games Cheat Toolbar and Write arctic antics But Dont Click Search Click Enter And Scroll Down You Will Get A Banana!

2.  When You Play Higher Or Lower And Then When You Click Pay To Play Then Where The Smileys Center Is. You Will See A Banana On Yellow Smileys Head Click On It You Will Get The Banana.

3. I Havn’t Found It Yet

4. http://www.arcticantics.com/a1.php Click On Cool Comp

5. http://www.arcticantics.com/quests.php Go There And Wait 5 secounds The Banana Will Apear

6.  Go To Write A Sentence And Click The First Big Letter You Will Get A Banana!

7. Go To Play Instant Action Games And click on the red game that write “Sign Up Now” Click On The Square And You Get The Banana!

8.  when you login to arctic antics scroll all the way until you see If you have a blog, you need WEBFETTI click on it then log out there will be a banana
if you don’t understand click on this web address http://www.arcticantics.com/log-out.php 

9. I Havn’t Found It Yet

10.      It’s In 5 Secound Madness click on the gun and the banana will come click it quikly

11. Go To Cool Comp’s Cool Crew And Scroll Down There Will Be A Banana Here Is Link Click On it: http://www.arcticantics.com/clever-people.php

12.  To Get The Banana In Walrus Chat Wait About 2/3 Minuets Then Say Banana But Don’t Move Or Jump Until The Banana Reaches Above Your Head Then Jump Like In The Picture You Will Get The Banana.

Note : The key for the Crack the Codes Page #2 is on the secret combination page. Press on the penguins and keep on refreshing the page until there is a key. Click the key and then go to the “Cool Comp’s Favorite Blogs” page and click the “( get your blog listed here )” sign. Now unlock the door.

Amazing toothbrush: I Haven’t Found It Yet

Daily question: Christmas

All The Answers For The Take The Quiz Game and for the daily question:

where is CP dojo? – In the mountains
What is the name of the Linux penguin mascot? – Tux
What is the surname of Barbie (the doll)? – Roberts
What is the capital city of Australia? – Canberra
What is the square root of 81? – 9
What is white and you can live in it? – An igloo
What is 7 + 27? – 34
How many Mega-Pixels does the iPhone camera have? – 2.0
What is the opposite of North? – South
How many days are there in May? – 31
What is a Petrel? – A type of bird
What is the name of the mermaid princess in the film “The Little Mermaid”? – Ariel
Which of these countries is partially in the Arctic? – Norway
When did the first person reach the South Pole? – 1911
What is between the Coffee Shop and the Gift Shop? – Night Club
Which one of these cars is NOT made by Ferrari? – Elise
What is the name of the large bone in the upper part of the leg? – Femur
Where is Paris? – France
What is 100 divided by 20? – 5
What is the name of the director of the Lord Of The Rings films? – Peter Jackson
What year did Club Penguin start in? – 2005
What is the name of a shark’s fin that sticks up out of the water? – Dorsal
What do you get if you mix yellow and blue paint? – Green
Which Italian city does the soccer team Juventus come from? – Turin
What year was Kylie Minogue born in? – 1968
What country did Habbo Hotel start in? – Finland
What is the surname of the cartoon character Goofy? – Goof
Which species of eagle is found in North America? – Golden Eagle
What is the main language of Brazil? – Portuguese
What is the name of the Princess in Shrek The Third? – Fiona
Where was kite flying invented? – China
What do Emperor Penguins mostly eat? – Fish
What is the capital city of Afghanistan? – Kabul
How many days are there in 2008? – 366
What is the name of the actor who plays Harry Potter? – Daniel Radcliffe
What is a deciduous tree? – One that loses its leaves in the winter
Which planet is nearest the Sun? – Mercury
Which of these animals really exists? – Scalope
Who owns Club Penguin? – Disney
Who was the first person to walk on the moon? – Neil Amstrong

Remember to check daily for updates!

~Jae1234&Adeel usa 12~


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