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August 24, 2008

Walrus Chat Update 2

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Cool Comp Have Added Another New features

And The The Hat For Monkey

Hope You Like The New Walrus Chat Features


August 23, 2008

New Walrus Chat Update

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Cool Comp Has Puted New Features

The Goggles Just Walrus Can Wear It

And New Octipus Fearture

Hope You Like The New Walrus Chat Features

August 22, 2008

Penguin Games 2 (Red V.S Blue) + Free Items

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I Hope You Like The Party.

Let’s Look At The Blue

Blue Team At The Pizza Parlour

Blue Face Paint Is At Plaza

Let’s Look At Red Team Now

Red Is At The Coffee Shop

Red Face Paint Is At Coffee Shop

Thats The FootBall staduim For Member And Nonmemerbs Can’t Go There It’s Really cool.

August 20, 2008

2,000 Hits Party

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Where: Winter Land

When: 22nd Augst

Time: 18:00 GMT 13:00 PST

Update And A New Room On Walrus Chat

Cool Comp Added More Ladders To Walrus Chat

This The New Room On Walrus Chat You Up By The Third Ladder And There Is A Banana That You Can Get It Until Cool Comp Puts Another Ladder.

August 19, 2008

2,000 Hits

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2,000 hits Thank you everyone for visting my site Now I Am Going to Have a party For 2,000 hits

August 16, 2008

Good News

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Hi Guys, I Have Updated The Arctic Antics Guide Now You Will Be Able To Know The Daily Question Answer, Where The Tooth Brush Is And The Quize Answers Soon

When you Come Here Please Click on My Dragons Eggs (And Please Comment)

I Am Going To Have a New Shop Here And That Will The Lottery Ticket Shop Where You Can Win A Memberships And Member Penguins Accounts Every week It’s Gonna Be Great

August 15, 2008

New Igloos And Furniture + sports catalogs

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Hey Guys, Here Are All Of The New Stuff For The Igloos and sports Catalogs

~Adeel Usa 12 –  Jae1234~

August 14, 2008

Paper Boat Savenger Hunt And Rockhopper Hidden Item

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Hey guyz, here are the places where all the scavenger hunt are at:

Paper Boat 1:

Paper Boat 2:


Paper Boat 3:


Paper Boat 4:


paper boat 5:


Paper Boat 6:


Paper Boat 7:


Paper Boat 8:

And thats all guyz!! Have fun and cya! ;) D

I Am Back

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Now I Will Update All new Post And The Pages about Cp

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