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Mission 1: Case Of Missing Puffles

1. Go to the ice rink and look all the way to the right, pick up the photos on the ground.

2. Give them to Aunt Arctic.

3. Go to the pet shop and read the note all the way to the left on the dog house.

4. Go to the sport shop and answer his question (the answer can be found from step number 3)

5. Use the life preserver launcher to rescue the penguins at the ice berg.

6. Then go back to the sport shop and grab the grapple hook.

7. Go to the ski mountain and use your spy phone wrench to fix the telescope.

8. Use the telescope to look around until you see a flying puffle.

9. Go to the tallest mountain and use the grapple hook to get to the top.

10. After you find the puffles talk to Aunt Arctic and claim your reward.

Mission 2: G’s Secret Mission

1- talk to G.
2- the Secret word is MOGUL.
3- Take the sled.
4- Go to ski Mountain.
5- Use the sled in the Test Run area.
6- Crash.
7- Take the rope.
8- Take the survival guide.
9- Go to the right, and move to that area, pick up the ski, merge it with the rope.
10- Go to the left, and move to the next area.
11- Go to the area in fron of you.
12- Take three ‘O’ Berries, merge one with the Ski and rope. go to the right and shake the tree, to get the pot.
13- Go to the area in front of you, and click on the puffles, feed the black puffle a Berrie.
14- Go to the right and move to that area.
15- Go to the left, for the next area.
16- pick up the wooden log in that area.
17- Go to the mini-river and use your ‘Created’ Fish rod to catch a fish.
18- Use the pot and fill it with water.
19- Go back to the are on the left and get in the cave.
20- Click the stones, Place the log, then the survival guide and give your puffle an ‘O’ Berrie.
21- Place the pot of water, when it boils, click it again to drink the water.
22- Place the fish on the fire, click it when it looks good!
23- you will fall asleep, then wake, go out side and talk to the guy.
24- talk to G
25- Congratulations! Take your rewards!

Mission 3: Case Of Mssing Coins

1. Talk to the agent. (the new penguin guy)
2. go upstairs to the staff office.
3. Look under the orange couch and there is a disk for a computer and there is a paper clip. pick up both.
4.put in the disk on the computer and turn it on. click on my files and do the code_number.
5.type in the code on the safe in the gift shop
6.go in and click on the gold and talk to the guy but say the nice things.
7. you spy phone should ring and you go to see “g”.
8. he opens a drawrer with a bunch of keys. get the one farthest to the left. AND go to the right and get the flashlight on the desk.
9. go back to the gift shop staff lounge and open the door to the roof with they key (because that door is locked.)
10. use your spyphone and get the wrench and unscrew the thing that says powa. put the paperclip in it and go downstairs to the safe.
11.talk to the guy.
12. go to the town, talk to the brown penguin, go into dance lounge, get out flashlight,go to boiler room, keep the flashlight on, click on the one thing the brown penguin tells you about.
13. the next thing is a puzzle. you have to try to make all the things on it green. it’s pretty easy. all i did was keep clicking buttons until it worked.
14. go back to “g”
15.you should be done with the mission. don’t forget to get the medal and letter!

Mission 4: Avalanche rescue



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